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Tiger Shark and Great Hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas
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  Islands of the Bahamas

With a reputation of calm waters and stunning landscapes, the Bahamas are comprised of more than 700 islands and thousands of cays (pronounced "keys"). Lying less than 60 miles to the east of Palm Beach, Florida, the natural beauty of the water extends to the thousands of miles of shoreline, which has some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches and magnificent mangrove forests.

Stretching southwest, you will find 5-percent of the planet's coral reef ecosystems as well as the origination of the Gulf Stream, a natural phenomenon that accounts for the Bahamas astonishing diversity and abundance of marine life.

The islands line the edges of what are referred to as "banks". They are vast shallow areas primarily consisting of white sand and grass. The edges of the banks are line with cays, rocks, coral reefs, and wrecks. Then, it drops of to a depth of 200 to 6000-feet.

You will find the Bahamas an ideal eco adventure travel destination with its diversity and abundance of marine life, outstanding topography, exceptional weather, and exquisite local cultures.

Although The Dream Team travels throughout the islands of the Bahamas, our expeditions focus primarily on the Central and Northern Bahamas including the Little Bahamas Bank north of Grand Bahama Island and the Berry Islands north of the Tongue of the Ocean.

Little Bahama Bank

The Little Bahama Bank, the northern most bank, lies north of Grand Bahama Island with the Gulf Stream flowing along the western edge. Relatively desolate, as the M/V Dolphin Dream travels north from West End, our port of arrival, you will notice Indian Cay, Wood Cay, and Sandy Cay. As these islands disappear behind us, we pass the last little piece of land Memory Rock. North of Memory rock, you will find healthy coral reef ecosytsems, ancient wrecks, and emerald seas. The area of Tiger Beach, 20 miles north of West End is where we find Tiger sharks and close to where we find Great Hammerheads. The area of White Sand Ridge, 35 miles north of West End, is where we have the highest percentage of dolphin encounters. The scuba and freediving on the Little Bahama Bank is outstanding with frequent shark, eagle ray, sea turtle, and grouper sightings as well as phenomenal macro life.


The weather in the Bahamas is very similar to South Florida. You will usually find it hot during the summers, and cool during the winter. Summer air temperatures range from 85 to 95-degress with water temperatures from 80 to 86-degrees. Although you find mostly bright sunny days, there are occasional thunder storms that move through. Winter air temperatures range from 65 to 85-degrees with water temperatures from 72 to 78-degrees. You will usually find bright sunny days, and clear, star filled nights.

Hurricane season starts in June and last through November, and on rare occasions do affect our expeditions. Historically, over the last ten years, we estimate only a 5-percent lose from hurricanes. Typically, the time lost is only a day or two.

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