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Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerhead Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks and more.
Tiger Beach Bahamas Shark Diving Live aboard DOLPHIN DREAM.
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Shark diving aboard the vessel DOLPHIN DREAM

You know that you want to experience the rush of having a 12-foot tiger shark 3-feet away. Shark trips focus on Tiger shark and Great Hammerhead encounters without a cage. The main site is called Fish Tales that is a 50 feet deep reef with Tigers, Lemons, Reef sharks and Great Hammerheads occasionally visit. The first site we visit is 20 feet deep on the sand bank with Lemon sharks and the occasional Tiger shark, it is a good starting site for the trip. There are two other sites we visit for Great Hammerheads either the South Bar or Bimini. Where we go to find G. Hammerheads will be up to the discretion and timing of Captain Scott. The sharks are attracted by baiting with dead fish and there is a risk of injury or death while diving with these big sharks. Participants need to be adults, experienced divers and accept the risk associated with shark diving and shark feeding.

Water temperature averages around 76F with highs up to 80F and lows down to 72F. Air temperature ranges from highs up to 82F and lows occasionally down to 60F. Coolest months are January, February and March. Most diver wear 5 mm full suits.

The shark dives start by putting crates of bait (fish. chunks, blood, etc.) in the water. Half of the dives are with your buddy and the group where you are free to swim around the reef and amongst the sharks. The other half of the dives is when one of the crew or group leader will get in to specificsly feed the Tiger and or G. Hammerheads. We usually do four dives per day depending on weather and current conditions. We do limited night dives due to the sharks and their natural nocturnal nature.  When some one takes bait down for a feeding dive, a more structured group should apply, you should join a semi circle with the rest of the group around the bait crate. During the dives there will be bait thrown into the water from the surface and some people hand feed the sharks while diving. During the dive the surface of the water behind the boat may have numerous sharks around feeding on fish chunks. Underwater the sharks can be feeding on fish chunks. Participants will be responsible for their own safety during these dives

Most of the participants return from shark diving with smiles and comments like, wow, amazing, terrific, thrilling and more.

Shark diving aboard the Dolphin Dream is best described as no cage shark diving. We make suggestion and let you know the best way to limit your risk and danger level during these shark dives but we take no responsibility for what happens during a shark dive. The sharks that are encountered during these dives include Reef, Lemon, Hammerhead, Tiger sharks and maybe others. The sharks are 1 meter to 5 meters long and some are considered dangerous man-eaters. There can be numerous Lemon sharks, Reef Sharks and more than a few Tiger Sharks. All of them have sharp teeth, are wild animals that can be unpredictable, and can bite.

Tigers know where your eyes are and do sneak up from behind people, you need to maintain eye contact with them and do not back up or swim away. Be prepared to turn around to keep constant eye contact with the Tigers. Be prepared to keep your position and maybe even push them away. Do not lay on the bottom, always maintain a vertical stance either kneeling or standing. Every person can change the risk associated with shark diving by being aware of the sharks and the situation. The closer you are to the bait the more dangerous it is, the more you look at your cameras the more dangerous it is, the less you are aware of the sharks the more dangerous it is, etc. If you feel uncomfortable or that it is too dangerous then remove your self from the situation, calmly and slowly return to the boat, but never swim away from a Tiger in close proximity. Tigers are attracted to anything on the surface, limit your surface swims and always be looking down and behind you, turn around and face a Tiger to back them away.

We provide transportation and accommodations, we provide the bait to attract and feed the sharks, but we do not accept any liability for what happens in the water, whether we put the bait in the water or not. There may be an employee diving during the shark dives, but they are off-duty while diving and are not acting as dive masters, safety divers, guides or the Dream Team representatives, they may be making it more dangerous by hand feeding the sharks. The employees or The Dream Team are not responsible for any protection or rescue during the dives. Some group leaders / tour guides may be diving and are not required to act in any certain way and may be making it more dangerous by hand feeding the sharks, The Dream Team is not responsible for their actions or there affects. Participants will be responsible for their own safety during shark dives.

The diving area is a minimum of two hours away from a hospital by way of helicopter evacuation if available. If an accident occurs dive buddies and the whole group needs to work together to bring the victim back to the boat. Once onboard the crew will administer first aid, but we are not trained medical professionals and have limited medical supplies. The rest of the group needs to help by doing what the crew request of them.

Shark Diving suggestions:

1. Wear mostly dark colored equipment and suits. Wear full wet suits with hoods and gloves, cover most skin.

2. Always keep your eyes on the sharks particularly the Tiger Sharks. Help others by keeping your eyes on your buddy and the rest of the group. Pay attention to the sharks not your cameras. Tiger Sharks like to approached from behind and do recognize eye contact.

3. Have a large camera or carry a stick with you to push off any sharks that get too close.

4. The closer you are to any bait the higher your risk goes up. Do not handle any of the bait.

5. If the sharks get too excited or you feel uncomfortable return to the boat, if you can not surface tuck up under the boat.

6. Do not swim on the surface. When you jump in go down as soon as possible. When returning to the boat, swim close to the bottom till at the back of the boat. Look up before surfacing, if there are too many sharks wait till they dissipate before surfacing.

7. Beware of the current and do not drift too far away from the boat.

8. Follow all other standard safe diving procedures. Most important; do not run out of air.

9. Understand the risk and accept the risk as your own responsibility.

10. Be experienced and comfortable divers and have dive insurance.

11. Be aware of the sharks, surroundings and situations and pay attention.

12. Do not lay flat on the bottom, even when kneeling try to stay in a vertical position.

The Dream Team, Inc. is limited in liability and all passengers will be required to sign a liability release. PLEASE NOTE THAT The Dream Team's release contains provisions releasing the Dream Team and its related parties from the consequences of its own negligence.

Please read our release form here: Standard Release and Shark Diving Release.

The Dream Team, Inc., its owners and employees, reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

Minimum age for Shark diving is 18 year old. Sorry no kids on shark diving trips.

Divers must be advanced open water certified and experienced divers. These shark diving trips are not for inexperienced or novice divers

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